Australian Hospitality Never Lacks in a Personalised Wedding Favour

It has become a part of Australian tradition to never let guests go home without personalised wedding favours. The bridal party or the couple is expected to prepare bomboniere for all the people who attended the occasion. Here are some practical items you can consider if you are searching for cost-effective wedding favours that can be personalised and won’t break the bank:

Deluxe wedding metal pen

These gifts go for as low as 99 cents per piece. You can order an assortment of colours for your guests and let them choose what they want. Have the pens engraved with the names of the bride and the groom for a more personalised touch. These personalised wedding favours are light and easy to carry. They are extremely practical for destination weddings because they won’t take up much luggage space. 

Metal bottle opener keyring

This gift is another affordable option that lets you thank your guests for coming to your wedding. These are also practical tools, which is why they are always appreciated.

Printed bamboo wooden square wedding coasters

For a rustic wedding, consider printed wooden square coasters as thank you gifts for your guests. Have them printed with a message for them to make them unique and extra thoughtful. Their tables will never have water marks again, thanks to your personalised wedding favours.

Boston shot glasses

If your guests love to drink, then they will love receiving Boston shot glasses as wedding favours. You can give the gift even to non-drinkers because they can be used to hold things, such as potpourri, candles, and even paper clips in the office.

A wedding favour doesn’t need to be expensive. You only have to be creative in presenting the gift to your guests. Order from a supplier that offers personalised services to make your wedding favours much more special.



Wedding Cufflinks: A Style Statement

Wedding cufflinks are important accessories for grooms, aside from a bow tie, a leather belt, and leather shoes. Although cufflinks are tiny, they are important elements that can make or break a look of a wedding suit and shirt. Think of it as jewellery—it must complement the entire outfit.

Did you know that cufflinks were traditionally only used by royals and the nobility? But those days are long gone and now anyone can wear them. In fact, they are essential in every groom’s accessory box. Gold and silver-plated wedding cufflinks can make a groom’s tuxedo or suit more elegant and masculine. Indeed, they are marks of a true gentleman.

Wedding cufflinks are not only for the grooms but also for the groomsmen. They are available in different styles, the most popular ones being gold and silver plated. The shiny finish adds elegance and polish to a man’s overall outfit. If you want to be unique, why not choose angled wedding cufflink with a touch of both silver and gold?

Personalised wedding cufflinks are not just for the big day—they can be used in other occasions, too. They can be customised with an engraving of the groom’s and the groomsmen’s names or initials. You do not have to go to a jewellery store to buy cufflinks. An online wedding gift shop can offer you a wider variety of choices and can customise wedding cufflinks at a more affordable price.

Regardless of the type you want, make sure that your personalised cufflinks are professionally engraved using laser technology. Ensure that each cufflink set is presented in beautiful packaging. It’s important to choose the right online wedding gift shop. Those that have a good reputation and positive reviews from their customers are the best places to buy wedding cufflinks.

Top 4 Things to Consider While Choosing Right Wedding Shot Glasses

Your guests are taking time out of their busy schedules to celebrate your wedding. Some of them might even fly in from different parts of the world just to see you walk down the aisle. It’s only right that you thank them with wedding favours. These days, couples are more creative and practical, opting to give wedding favours that guests can actually use. Wedding shot glasses are some of the popular choices in Australia. Maybe your friends already have a collection of shot glasses from all the weddings they’ve attended—and they wouldn’t mind getting another one from you. If you want to give them the best wedding shot glasses they have ever received, consider these four things.

  1. Type of shot glass

Different types of shot glasses provide different kinds of drinking experiences. Tall shot glasses are great for those who are not heavy drinkers. They are narrower and look like they can hold more liquor compared to basic shot glasses, but this is just an optical illusion. They are perfect for those who don’t like drinking an entire shot at once. They are also designed to decrease the rate of evaporation and are recommended for liquors that tend to evaporate quickly.

  1. Personalisation

What makes wedding shot glasses unique are the engravings and prints on them. Before ordering from wedding gift shop, ask what level of personalisation they allow. Are you limited to their existing designs or you can make your own design?

  1. Price

Of course, price is an important factor. If you are buying online, check how much the shipping fee is and if you need to pay extra charges for engraving. The best wedding gift shops can provide all these for free.

  1. Engraving quality

The overall appearance and quality of your wedding shot glasses can be dramatically affected by the quality of printing or engraving. The best shops use laser technology to ensure clean and elegant results.

Is Gifting a Ring on Wooden Ring Box a Great Idea?

Encasing your engagement ring or wedding ring in a beautiful box is important not only for practical but also for sentimental purposes. Like the ring, the box can also hold special meaning. Its quality and presentation show how much you value what’s inside. That’s why it is necessary to take time when choosing an engagement and wedding ring box. There are many choices available, and among the most popular choices is the wooden ring box. Below are some of the reasons why.

Wood means enduring love

Wood is a natural material that is durable and long lasting. One of the best types of wood used for ring boxes is bamboo. Although it is considered as a lucky plant that brings fortune, it also symbolises enduring love and harmony. Bamboo is strong and flexible; in fact, even the strongest storms don’t destroy it. Encasing your ring in a bamboo wooden ring box can be symbolic of a marriage that will remain strong regardless of trials.

Wood looks stylish and elegant

Nothing is as sophisticated and charming as wood. There is elegance in its simplicity that you cannot see in other materials. That’s why rustic and vintage weddings are some of the most popular themes today. If you are going for these themes, then it just makes sense to buy a wooden ring box. Make it more stylish by engraving or printing your names and the date of your wedding on it.

Wood is durable

A wooden ring box can keep your rings safe for a lifetime. It doesn’t collect dust, unlike ring box made of velvet fabric. Many shops sell wooden ring boxes but if you want to add a personal touch, then look for a wedding gift shop online that can offer engraving services for free.


Unique Groomsmen Gifts to Present at Your Wedding

Your groomsmen will take time out of their busy schedules to go to your wedding. Some of them might even need to fly in from other parts of the country—or the world—for you and your soon-to-be spouse. It’s only right that you show your appreciation to them with gifts. Thank your best buddies for keeping you calm before the ceremony, entertaining the guests, and saying only good things about you during their speech. If you are the groom, then you are responsible for picking unique groomsmen gifts that your friends will truly appreciate. Make sure you’re up for the challenge because unique groomsmen gifts are hard to come by.

Something for the gentleman

Surprised your groomsmen with unexpected gifts that a real gentleman would find useful. It could be a bottle opener that looks like a credit card, or a flask with a whiskey glass. Personalised coat hangers can also be good groomsmen gifts because they can use it to hold their tuxedos, suits, and outer coats.

Something on their wish list

Beer-lovers will appreciate beer mugs or holders while the workaholics will love tumblers they can use in the office. If you’re not sure what they want, ask.

Something personal

Adding a thank you note is good but engraving their names on your gifts is way better. Personalised gifts are unique because they are made especially for the recipient. They will surely wow your groomsmen and make them feel special. For your convenience, you can buy these types of gifts from an online gift shop. All you have to do is to select an item from their collection, choose a design, give the names of your groomsmen, and they will do engraving or printing. The products will be delivered straight to your door.

Thank Your Nearest and Dearest with Stubby Holders at the Wedding Day

Are you looking for the best and most affordable wedding favours in Australia? Do you want to give a token to your groomsmen and bridesmaids but don’t want to overspend? One of the most popular choices when it comes to budget Bonbonniere is the stubby holder. You can thank your family and the guests with this simple yet very functional item. Why should you consider stubby holders as wedding favours?

  1. They are very affordable.

Consider neoprene single colour print stubby holders for your wedding. They cost way less than other types because this material is widely available. You can print a little artwork, your names, and the date of your wedding on them. Choose the colour that complements your motif.

  1. They are durable.

If the budget allows, you can also go for stubby holders made of stainless steel, which is stain resistant and rust resistant. These stubby holders for weddings can be engraved with the names of the special people in your bridal party, such as your best man or bridesmaid. Order a couple of these for your closest friends and family, and then give the rest of your guest’s neoprene stubby holders to save money.

  1. They are unique.

Because they can be personalised, these foam sleeves can be transformed into entirely one-of-a-kind wedding giveaways that your guests can cherish.

  1. They are for everyone.

Stubby holders as wedding favours will surely be appreciated by your dad, mum, and friends. They can use them at home, in the office and almost anywhere to keep their drinks cold. These foam insulators are certain to make your guests happy and excited about your wedding. Get different styles and colours if you want so you can allow your guests to choose what they prefer.

Reasons We Prefer a Personalized Gift in Australia

Australians are not obsessed with gift giving, but they are probably some of the most thoughtful gift-givers in the world. Personalised gifts in Australia are especially favourite because they are one of a kind. They are perfect for any occasion, be it Christmas, a wedding, or a birthday. Personalised gifts in Australia are treasured and appreciated not only for their practicality or usefulness but more so for their uniqueness and meaning.

It’s the thought that counts.

This is the primary reason why Australians always love a personalised gift—even if it’s just a mug with their name or initials printed on it. They know that the giver put thought and invested his or her time to get them the item tailored to their liking.

It shows a personal connection.

Through personalised gifts, you can communicate the things that you want to say in a more expressive and meaningful manner. This is why Australians love giving personalised gifts to their closest friends and the special people in their lives.

It allows the giver to be creative and unique.

Australians are creative people who are known their unique and diverse culture. It is not surprising that they express their creativity through gifts. Personalisation allows them to experiment with different ideas to make their present more fun, more thoughtful, and one of a kind.

Are you interested in buying a personalised gift in Australia for a special occasion? You don’t even have to leave home because you can order one online. Online gift shops are offering personalised gifts for weddings, birthdays, and other occasions. If you want to buy a unique gift conveniently, you can just visit these online shops. Select one of their items, choose a design or input the test you want to print or engrave, and they will handle the rest.