How to Add Your Own Touch on the Personalised Wedding Favours

Wedding celebrations are very special occasions that are certainly worth remembering. Favours and giveaways for guests are a great way to commemorate this occasion, and adding your personal touch can make them even more special.

Personalising your tokens of appreciation give them a unique character, transforming them from being simple objects into lasting mementos of your big day. There are a number of ways to customise and personalise your wedding favours. Adding graphics is a great way to tailor your giveaways. You can add your names, or even the names of your guests to make each gift more personal. A number of options are available to do this, including silkscreen printing, direct digital, laser etching, engraving etc. The ‘best’ method will depend on the kind of giveaway you have, as the print method will vary with the type of material you will be working with. Etching or sandblasting is most appropriate for glass, for example. Laser engraving works really well with metals and woodwork. You also could go for simple tags or custom cards to go with other items. There are plenty of possibilities—only your creativity is the limit.

Find a local manufacturer that can provide you with design and giveaway options to suit your needs. The best ones typically have their own in-house design specialists to help you work out the look of your items. You can choose from a selection of graphic layouts and font choices from their catalogue. Once you have finalised the look, they can have the items manufactured in their own factory, or source it out to other suppliers to give you the best value option for your money. It’s best to engage a company with a vast network of connections from international service providers and suppliers to ensure you get your favours on time and on budget.


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