Custom Cake Toppers: How to Customise the Elegant Wedding Cake Toppers

A beautiful wedding cake can instantly be ruined by the wrong cake topper. Let’s face it—cake toppers seal the deal when it comes to wedding cakes, and one of the best ways to get an elegant topper is to have one customised. You don’t have to settle for traditional figurine toppers anymore because there are so many options that you can choose from. Whether you want a rustic-themed cake or a sleek and modern one, there are surely cake toppers that will suit your style.

The key to customising wedding cake toppers is choosing the appropriate colour, size, and shape. Pick colours that would complement the rest of the cake’s design as well as the wedding’s motif. Also take note of the measurements of your wedding cake’s top tier and choose a cake toppers that wouldn’t be too big to too small. The toppers should also be made of high-quality materials and be painted with lead-free paint.

Among the best materials for creating customised wedding cake toppers are bamboo timber and gloss acrylic. There are many design possibilities with these materials. You can have a “Mr&Mrs + Surname” cut-out cake topper. You can also have a personalised silhouette cutout. If you do choose a silhouette cake topper, you can even add humour to it by going for a funny silhouette such as a hesitant groom or an arguing couple. Monogram cut-outs also serve as great cake toppers. Although they are simple, they are oozing with elegance and class.

The best places where you can get the best deals for customised wedding cake toppers are giftware companies. They usually offer high-quality products at affordable prices, and some of them even have other personalised items that you might want to use as wedding favours. Go for a company that is reliable and that offers good customer service.



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