Unique, Thoughtful, and Affordable Wedding Favours

•Engraved glassware – Shot glasses, tankards, whisky glasses, and wine glasses can be engraved with a personal message to personally thank your wedding guests for coming and witnessing your special day. You can have your initials or names engraved on them, too. For principal sponsors, consider engraved glassware that comes with a bottle of liquor and have them packed in a custom elegant box.

•Hip flask sets – Leather and stainless steel hip flasks can come with an engraving of details on your wedding or the names of the couple. If you want a more personal feel to them, consider having the names of the recipient engraved, too.

•Personalised metal pens – Pens may seem more appropriate as corporate gifts, but the right colours, design, and a personal message can make them suitable for an elegant occasion, such as weddings. Make sure that the text and décor are laser engraved for a clean and seamless finish on the metal.

•Bottle openers – Most guests will appreciate a practical gift than a decorative one, but that should not stop you from providing wedding favours that are both attractive and functional, like bottle openers. Suppliers of wedding favours carry bottle openers in many different designs, so you should be able to find a design that suits your theme or motif. For instance, flip-flop bottle openers are ideal for beach and laid-back weddings.

•Stubby holders – Got a destination or an outdoor summer wedding? Stubby holders can keep the beverages of your guest’s cooler much longer. Your guests can take them as souvenirs and use them on an ordinary day for their beer, pop, and ale. Add a unique touch to stubby holders by having your names and wedding details printed as their design, and choose them in colours that represent your theme.

•Coasters – Engraved coasters can already be used during the wedding reception, and your guests can take them home afterwards.


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