Personalised Shot Glasses – For Your Wedding Day

Weddings are festive occasions that may involve drinking and partying, depending on how you want the celebrations to go. For this reason, wedding favours like personalised shot glasses may be just what you need to impress your guests and make the festivities more fun. Shot glasses may seem plain and simple gifts, but they can be extra special with an engraving of your names or initials, or a short message to express your gratitude to guests. They are practical gifts, too, which guests who are more likely to cherish and use, even after the wedding. And in case they refuse to use the shot glasses, they can keep them and use them as decorations in their home or office.

Personalised shot glasses can be used during the festivities, too. Arrange for your guests to make a toast for you using the personalised shot glasses, or use the items for party games and contests. These glasses come in different sizes, so you can be creative with them. For instance, a tall shot glass can be used to serve desserts, and a whisky glass can be used as a candle holder. A basic shot glass can hold about 50ml of liquor, and tall versions can hold about 60ml of liquor.

You can order all kinds of shot glasses from a reputable company that specialises in wedding favours. Choose a company that sources its products from around the world and does the engraving using high-end laser engraving equipment to cut down the costs. The glasses are made of commercial grade and high-quality glass to ensure durability. Laser engraving is preferred because it ensures a long-lasting design that will not fade or wash out, even if your guests use the shot glasses frequently. Personalised shot glasses can be presented elegantly to your guests in personalised gift boxes, too. Some engraved gifts specialists can engrave on the other side of the shot glasses, too.


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