Personalised Wedding Favours for a Wonderful Wedding

Are you starting to get stressed about choosing the perfect wedding favours for your big day? Relax—we have tips to make your search a lot easier.

1.Have them personalised.
It’s amazing how personalised engraving or printing can make even the most generic objects more meaningful. This is why in the wedding favours industry, personalization is key. Even nondescript pens can become more special (and look much more expensive) when they are engraved with a simple monogram, or perhaps you and your future spouse’s initials.

You can easily shop online for personalised wedding favours in a wide range of price points. Go to the website of a wedding favours manufacturer or supplier that offers personalisation services.

2.Prioritise practicality.
How many wedding favours have you tossed in the trash simply because they were tacky or useless? Probably more than a handful, if you’re being honest. If you want your guests to truly treasure your wedding favours as keepsakes, you have to put thought into how practical they are. Think along the lines of personalised bottle openers, custom shot glasses or wine glasses, engraved pens, engraved glass coasters, etc. Your guests can enjoy these items for a long time.

3.Stick to your budget.
Personalised wedding favours don’t have to be expensive. Don’t spend a big chunk of your budget on them and then have nothing left for food and drinks. It’s a good idea to set a limit and truly stick to it.

Are you comfortable spending between 2$ to 4$ on each personalised wedding favour? You will already have lots of choices in that price range, so don’t worry. They key is to shop online and not in a high-street wedding retail store. Order direct from the factory or manufacturer to get the absolute lowest prices on everything from pens to glass coasters to bottle openers. For your groomsmen, bridesmaids, and other members of your wedding party, you might want to choose more expensive gifts.


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