Custom Shot Glasses – A New Style of Commemorating Your Wedding

Shot glasses are some of the most popular wedding souvenirs, but you can certainly make them unique for your wedding by having them personalized. And don’t worry—they aren’t; just for drinkers. Even non-drinkers appreciate shot glasses because they can be used as small display items, or even to hold candles. If you want to buy custom shot glasses for your wedding at the best prices, then go factory direct. Don’t pay the middleman—but directly from the manufacturer to save a ton of money.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to customising shot glasses. You can have them engraved with a simple message, details of the wedding, a quote, your initials, or even the names of your guests. Even custom designs such as silhouettes of the newlyweds can be engraved on them. Some of the best suppliers of wedding giveaways like shot glasses can throw in engraving for free.

Here’s a quick explanation of the anatomy of a shot glass: it needs thick walls, and even thicker bottom, and must be made of top quality commercial glass. Shot glasses come in different sizes. The standard glass holds 1.5 ounces of alcohol. You can also find shorter or taller styles. Tall shot glasses are narrower and slimmer, and they can be the best choices if you are looking for something sleek. You will even find so-called ‘cheater’ shot glasses featuring heavy and thick bases that look like they contain more alcohol than they do.

Custom shot glasses make excellent keepsakes for your wedding but only if they are made of high quality materials. Make sure that they feel solid and luxurious; anything else will likely just be thrown by your guests in the trash. There are metal and ceramic shot glasses, but it’s better to go with glass if you want a timeless design.


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