How to Find the Best Hip Flask for Your Father

Want to give your father something extra special to commemorate your wedding day? Hip flasks are great gifts for dads who love to drink. They make carrying small amounts of liquor stylish and perfectly discreet. You can find different types of hip flasks for your father online, usually at great prices and in many different designs. The key is to find the right hip flask that suits your dad’s personality and personal preference. Here are tips to find the best hip flask for your father, which you can present to him on your wedding day:

  • Go for custom hip flasks – Purchase from an online store that specialises in personalised gifts, so you have the option to customise the gift to make it more personal and special. Personalised hip flasks are less generic because they bear the name of the recipient. You can even add a special message for your dad, plus the date of your wedding.
  • Explore the types of hip flasks – Leather, pewter, and stainless steel are among the types of hip flasks that you are likely to find online. Stainless steel is the most common hip flask these days due to its sleek and sophisticated look. This material is also easy to engrave and personalise. You’ll even find stainless steel hip flasks that are encased in leather. An engraved plate can be attached on it.
  • Size – Hip flasks are designed to carry a small amount of liquor. Most hip flasks can carry between four to six ounces of liquid. Note that a taller or wider hip flask may not necessarily hold more liquor, so always read the details first before you buy.

Here’s one last tip: Consider adding accessories to make your gift more substantial. Some hip flasks come with funnels and a couple of shot glasses.



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