Cheap Stubby Holders: A Wonderful Gift for Wedding

Giving out wedding gifts at the end of your wedding party is a timeless tradition that you should definitely consider. Wedding guests appreciate favours that the bride and group put thought into, so to avoid seeing wedding gifts that you put a lot of money into left untouched on your reception tables, find items that are guaranteed to make a mark on your guests and that they would want to keep and use.

Giving away wedding favours is more than just an obligatory gesture to keep with traditions. It is also a great way to show your appreciation for the support and the presence of your guests during your wedding celebration. Wedding gifts give your guests something to remember your wedding day by and if you don’t want your wedding favours to be tossed in the trash the morning after your wedding day, make them interesting, useful, and hip and trendy.

Wedding stubby holders are great examples of practical, edgy, and hip wedding favours, which you don’t have to spend too much on. A good rule of thumb when deciding on a good wedding favour is to ask yourself whether what you have in mind is something that you would want or use for a long time. You don’t want to gift something that will only collect dust in your guests’ home drawers or worse, get left behind or trashed the day after your wedding. Practical gifts like drink koozies, edibles and stubby holders make perfect wedding favours because they are things that your guests will think twice before tossing aside.

Another great thing about stubby holders and drink koozies is that they create the perfect space for meaningful messages and fun graphics or even your monogram. These make elegant-looking favours that your guests wouldn’t mind having or seeing in their own homes.


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