Why Ordering Engraved and Customised Shot Glasses are best for anyone

There are different kinds of wedding favours that you can give to your friends, relatives, and colleagues to thank them for coming to your big day. Some of the most elegant and useful ones are drinkware. Aside from wine and champagne glasses, shot glasses have become favourite, too. Custom shot glasses are made more thoughtful because the names of the newly-wedded husband and wife, as well as their wedding date, are engraved.

This type of wedding favours makes a perfect gift because it is something that anyone will like. Both male and female guests are sure to put them to use in the future. Are there kids on your guest list? Don’t worry—you can still give them shot glasses even though they apparently don’t drink alcoholic beverages. The key is to be creative. These custom shot glasses will work for younger guests if you fill them with colourful candies and package them in a fun manner.

Shot glasses are elegant buy affordable, so you won’t break your wedding budget. The best way to save money is to order them direct from suppliers or manufactures online. Are you apprehensive about the idea of ordering custom shot glasses from online shops because you have never tried this before? If you choose a reliable store that has been supplying wedding giveaways for many years, then there should be no problems.

One thing that you should do before ordering is to check the credibility of the shop. Read online reviews from previous customers. Know what materials are they using and be familiar with their shipping and return policies. There are online shops that also offer financing. You might want to consider that if you don’t have the budget right now but would like to start your wedding preparations.


No Room for Overpriced Gifts – Get Cheap Wedding Favours for Guests

Its good manners to give favours to your wedding guests. But if you want to complete your wedding essentials without overspending, you should be careful in choosing the gifts. Overpriced gifts are out; cheap wedding favours are in. The good news is that even the most straightforward and most affordable items can be made to look more expensive by engraving and personalisation.

The advantage of personalised wedding favours is that they tend to be cheaper than ready-made products. People love getting these kinds of gifts because they know that the giver put some thought into them and even took the time to have them personalised. Thus, also cheap wedding favours become more memorable and treasurable. When looking for affordable gifts, here are the things that you need to remember.

  • Be practical. Think of something that your guests can use from time to time or even every day. Enough of candles or figurines that they can only display—they want something more useful.
  • Be creative. You don’t always have to follow rules or traditions. Show your creativity and sincerity through your wedding favours. Adding a personal thank you note for your guests will add an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your cheap wedding favours, too.
  • Choose high-quality items. You don’t have to sacrifice quality if you choose the right supplier. You can search online for the best wedding supplier or online gift shops for more options. From the results, you can compare and contrasts the stores instantly without going there. One thing that you should not forget is to read reviews from their previous customers. Another something that you might want to check is if they have after pay or Shop Now Pay Later option. This is a great help in financing all your wedding essentials.

Warn Your Best Buddies in Australia in Advance: Send them Your Save the Date Cards

A save the date card is not your wedding invitation—it is just an official announcement that you are going to have a wedding on a specific date. Think of it as the first warning to your friends, telling them that they will be invited and that they should clear their schedule for your big day. Why is it so important to send a save the date card six to eight months before the wedding? Because you need to give your most important guests a heads-up so that they can file a leave of absence from work and save money for wedding gifts. Of course, you also want to see them in their beautiful dresses, and sending them a save the date card signals your friends that they should start shopping for something to wear.

Save the date cards can make wedding planning more organised. The recipients will appreciate this gesture, and they will feel excited to witness your big day—and they can also tell you right away if they are available or not. Remember that save the date cards should be precise and accurate; before you send them out, you must be sure about the dates and the venue. You don’t need to disclose the theme of your wedding or your entourage list yet. Just give them the basics. Also, you don’t have to ask for an RSVP at this time.

You don’t have to spend too much money or time in creating your save the date cards. Since they will be sent months before the wedding, they do not have to match your actual invitation cards. Today, it’s easier to “create save the date cards” thanks to online wedding shops in Australia. Their production time is speedy—you will able to get and send your cards just a week after placing your order.

Mini Hip Flask: Treat Your Bridal Party in Style

Gone are the days when you just give your bridesmaids and groomsmen cards or flowers. Your bridal party deserves thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gifts to remember your day by. It’s hard to go wrong with personalised hip flasks especially if your friends love to drink.

Hip flasks in Australia may seem like ordinary items but if you have them engraved then they become more special. Mini hip flasks can be used as keychains and will last a long time. Be sure to work with a supplier of mini hip flasks in Australia that offers numerous designs and styles. You can choose to engrave the names of the groom and bride as well as the date of the wedding. You can also order engraved hip flasks with the recipients’ names on them.

If you want to give a personal thank you gift to your groomsmen or best man, you can have a special stainless-steel flask engraved. Some flasks also come with leather covers for that extra touch of luxury. To show your appreciation for the father of the groom, you can put a little sentimental note on the flask. The key to an engraved hip flask is the quality of the laser engraving. Make sure that the suppler can offer laser engraving services so that all the letters and lines will be accurate and precise.

You can never go wrong with a black or silver hip flask that is engraved with a short sentimental message. Either of the two colours will be the perfect canvas for your message to your loved ones. To thank the bridesmaids or the groomsmen, you can put their initials or names on the mini hip flask as well. A little drawing of a moustache or two beer mugs for men will make the gift humorous.

Message Engraved Cufflinks – The Perfect Gift for Men in Australia

Every man needs to know how to wear his formal attire in the right manner. He must know when to wear a tuxedo and when to wear a suit, what shoes go with what, and what accessories each look requires. If you’re looking for a gift for a guy, you can’t go wrong with message-engraved cufflinks to go with his dress shirts. Such gifts are perfect as groomsmen gifts or to give the father of the bride, or even the groom himself.

In Australia, engraved cufflinks are easy to order online. You can actually choose from different materials and price points. Cufflinks are available in duo gold angled style, Euro style gold or silver, silver bling, rectangle-shaped, and gold bling style, among many others. Consider the recipient’s taste when shopping for personalised cufflinks and engraved cufflinks in Australia. You want your recipient to wear and cherish it, after all, so you need to get a pair that matches his fashion preferences. You can also look at the watch he wears. It is gold or silver? Your match the cufflinks to that watch—this is a foolproof way to ensure that your gift will actually be used. 

Are you buying cufflinks for your groomsmen? They will be delighted when they read their name or initials on their cufflinks. These items make the perfect thank you gifts for the men who are helping make your wedding a success. They will surely remember this important event long after it is over.

Cufflinks are also great birthday gifts. Your friend will greatly appreciate it especially if his name or initials are laser engraved on the cufflinks themselves. Since message engraved cufflinks in Australia are made from high-quality materials, they don’t tarnish easily and can be used over and over for many years.


Gift Your Better Half a Personalised Wedding Ring Box

Perhaps no piece of jewellery is treasured more than a wedding ring. Why not make it even more special by putting it in an extraordinary wedding ring box? It’s easy to order one online from trusted manufacturers of giftware in Australia—and some of the best ones offer personalisation services. Here are just some of the many reasons why it’s a good idea to put your rings in a customised case.

Express your sentiments 

If you are looking for a wedding ring box in Australia, then be sure to work with suppliers that use a laser technology to engrave letters and art on the box. Get a personalised wedding ring box with both your initials and the date of your wedding on it.

Protect the symbol of your love 

Your unending love for your spouse is represented by the ring—it’s only right that you shelter. A wedding ring box can be symbolic of the protection that you will give your spouse throughout his or her life. Let the box speak for itself with its high-quality material.

Make sure your rings don’t get lost 

Rings are small and are easy to lose. With a box, you can be sure that your wedding rings don’t get misplaced in the chaos of wedding preparations. The box can also serve as a ‘home’ for your rings well after the wedding, should you need to take them off for some reason—such as when you cook or garden. Instead of just putting them in random places around the house, you can put them in the box.

Different boxes for different themes 

There is a wide range of choices available and you are sure to find the right box to match your theme. Are you having a beach wedding? A bamboo wedding ring box is the perfect choice. You can find wedding ring box makers in Australia that specialise in bamboo materials and laser engraving. These suppliers often use hessian fabric inside to secure the rings. You can order a personalised wedding ring box with a magnetic closure to fully close instantly.


Present Heavenly Gifts for Bridesmaids on Your Wedding

From planning the theme to searching for the flowers to booking the wedding hall, all the way to fitting several wedding gowns, brides do have a lot of things to do. But thanks to her faithful besties, she doesn’t have to do this all alone. Bridesmaids are a great help at the time of wedding preparation and on the day of the wedding. They listen to your wedding talks, encourage your diet plans, and keep you calm if you get cold feet. In other words, they are the unsung heroes who help make sure that your big day is as special as you hope it would be. That’s why they deserve nothing but unique thank-you gifts coming from the newly wedded couple. If you want to show them your appreciation but don’t know how, here are some gift ideas for bridesmaid to consider:

1. Glass Champagne Flute

If you want your thank you message to be delivered in the most elegant and creative way, engrave it on a glass champagne flute. But make sure to buy high-quality champagne flutes from a trusted shop that delivers them through Australia Post or Fastway Couriers. This way, rest assured that your glasses will arrive in one piece.

2. Bottle opener

Personalised bottle openers are not supposed to be for groomsmen but for the bridesmaids, too. This is a great gift, especially if your girlfriends are also your drinking buddies.

3. Printed T-Shirt

A matching pink t-shirt with a customised print design is the perfect thing to wear as you and your bridesmaids have your make-up done. If you cannot create your own design, there are online gift shops that have a variety of artworks to choose from.

4. Hip Flask

If you are looking for a more practical gift, why not buy a set of hip flask and a shot glass? Keep it girly by choosing a metallic pink or red colours, and make it more personal by engraving the recipient’s names on it.